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The Flooded Desert

With the opening up of cyberspace and increasing penetration by a professional, English-educated middle-class in the post-1990s India, its bold aspirations for a better and more equitable world are being handled by a more assertive social media. With FB and Twitter, among other notables, the vision and dream of this substantial class are getting articulated in a big way. With Instagram and other tools like YouTube and WhatsApp, the youth are finding avenues for self-expression in every realm of social living in a society undergoing rapid transformations and getting integrated within a globalised economy driven by the twins of an excessive consumption and expanding markets for that piece of mind-share dictating choices of such a large-level consumption of goods across a supposedly border-less world. All this desire for consuming new commodities at a furious rate accords well with the apologists of the globalisation, marketisation and liberalisation as the mantra for the unbridled growth of economies everywhere but it also leads to a new poverty of  ideas and a concomitant hunger for them, especially, in the field of entertainment. That venerable Hollywood is latching on the Marvel Comics or other toons or strips like Tintin and the Simpsons and investing billions in animation films to give a different experience to a cynical and jaded viewer is enough testimony to the intrinsic desperation for new ideas, experiences and packages that can give you a high or a thrill.





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